This course improves your understanding of your body & its sexual development.

The basic blueprint for humans is the same, but did you know that all eggs in a woman’s body, before they are fertilised are female or X?

Did you know that the word Vulva is the name of the external parts of the female genitals?

Knowing the anatomy of your genitals can help you to be more fulfilled and confident in bed.

Hormones are a delicate balance in your body and can impact your libido profoundly so that your level of desire can easily change as you go through your monthly cycle.

The mirror exercise is a very intimate way to connect with yourself and the intricate nature of your vulva.

Female Arousal

We will discuss the physical changes in the female genitals during arousal.

I shall explain what your clitoris really looks like.

This will help you understand the automatic way the vagina prepares prior to penetration.

Solo sex – why it is good for you.

For a more honest, scientific look at Solo Sex, why not check out the website

Psychology of Arousal

Sex – it’s a whole heart-body-mind thing

Understanding what goes on in your brain physically, emotionally and psychologically before, during and after sex.

When you feel aroused or excited, there’s already been a whole lot of chemical reactions in your brain.

It is not about being perfect every time, fluctuations in levels of enjoyment can vary over the weeks and months.

It has been said that your brain is actually the biggest sex organ.

When all of you, heart, body & mind are connected, then sex is a much bigger experience.


In this discussion, we can look at the most common sexual difficulties women experience

Dyspareunia, meaning painful intercourse

Vaginismus, this means no penetration

Lack of desire – in or out of relationships

Anorgasmia – inability to have an orgasm

Sexual dysfunctions can be very distressing and may require professional assistance


In any communication, we are continuously reading each other’s nonverbal cues.

When discussing something important do look AT each other.

Silence is a powerful way to communicate

Here you will find the do’s and don’ts

Listening is more important, and often lacking

Sex is nonverbal communication


Stress will impact your sexuality in a number of different ways.

Here I outline some of the common signs of stress

When you stress metal by bending it back and forth it breaks

Are there any differences between gender and reactions to stress?

Learning how to manage stress will mean an overall improvement in the quality of your sex life

Learning to be sensuous and affectionate is the key to excellent intimacy


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